Saturday, 15 March 2014

Righting Wrongs: One Day (2011)

Hopefully this won't become too regular a feature, but I've just uncovered another incorrectly made identification, this time in the 2011 UK film One Day starring Anne Hathaway.

I watched it when it premiered on C4 in the past week expecting to see a scene that had been reported by websites and forums, etc, as being British actress Heida Reed which I intended to describe for a site entry.  Instead it turns out that the girl in the scene is redheaded French actress Joséphine de La Baume.

This one was really easy to check because the end credits are in appearance order and it's early on in the film when a number of the main characters are still making their first appearances.  The scene comes in between the first appearance of Ian (Rafe Spall) and the first appearance of Dexter's parents (Patricia Clarkson and Ken Stott).  Joséphine de La Baume is the only actress listed in that position. The girl in the scene has red hair and looks like pictures of Joséphine de La Baume.  The credits give her the name of "Marie" although that is not used in the dialogue and she doesn't speak and is not seen again in the film.

As for the dark-haired Heida Reed, her stated first appearance is after Ken Stott.  If you watch carefully she is seen as the 1991 sequence begins where she must be the girl kissing Dexter in the Mexican themed restaurant - her face is not seen (because his head covers it) and she has no dialogue.  Later on in another scene (in which she isn’t present) her character name of "Ingrid" is mentioned as being his girlfriend.  And later on still a girl who is probably her again is seen in the room whilst Anne Hathaway is talking on the phone to Dexter.  Here she has one minor line of dialogue but she is never really properly established in the film.

Head shot photos to compare

Another incorrect ID that I've not previously mentioned here because it was not from a particularly high-profile film is Tied in Blood (2012)

Websites reported it to be Laura O'Donoughue in the topless scene, but it turned out to be Amie Morris.

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