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Rarity Showcase: Susannah Doyle in Breakfast

Here is Susannah Doyle in scenes from an obscure short film called "Breakfast".

Breakfast was a 9-minute film made in 1988 by students of the National Film and Television School (NFTS).

It is known about because it received a television airing in an edition of the Thames Television arts programme First Run broadcast in 1989.

The episode featured three shorts made by first year students of the NFTS as an exercise in collaboration and self-expression.  The programme explains that they were given a poem by French poet Jacques PrĂ©vert called Breakfast and asked to make a film on the subject.  Eleven films were made and three of them were showcased in the programme.  It was the first serious attempts at filmmaking by the students involved.

Although the film did not include any cast credits, Susannah Doyle has been recognised.
Her appearance in Breakfast is not shown on IMDB but by way of an independent confirmation of her involvement it IS shown on her listing in a 1994 edition of Who's Who on Television.

Susannah Doyle found TV fame a few years after this as "Joy" in C4 comedy Drop The Dead Donkey from 1991-1998

Scene Description: Topless with her right breast seen as she wakes up on a hot morning beside a man with his head resting on her chest - then fully topless as he rolls off of her and she recalls the drunken details of the night before - then full frontal nudity laying in bed after the man gets out of bed - then rear nudity and full frontal nudity and she gets out of bed and stands by a fan and puts on an open shirt - then she lays down on the bed and flicks through a magazine listening to the noises outside which are aggravating her hangover - then lower nudity laying on her side in bed as it starts to rain and thunder outside.

Short Films Featured in First Run
1. "Les Maladroits" - Directed by Shoko Omori  (in B&W and French)
2. "Breakfast" by Linda Hassani
3. "The Soulful Shack" by John Roberts

The only one with any nudity was "Breakfast"

Text of the poem "Breakfast" by Jacques PrĂ©vert can be found here.   (

Susannah Doyle also had a topless scene in a 45-minute black comedy called Hero Hungry shown on C4 on 19 July 1990.  It was also made by the NFTS.  It was shown at 11:50pm which perhaps explains why it remains elusive in collector's circles because not many people watched/recorded it.  I've only seen a very brief mute clip from it which shows her opening up her shirt in an office for reasons that can't be determined from the clip because there is no preamble included.

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