Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Missing But Not Forgotten #4: Wire in the Blood (ITV/2007)

Episode: The Names of Angels
First Broadcast: 2007 on ITV

This is a slightly different situation in that the missing scene was never present in the UK transmission in the first place. 

In the UK broadcast actress Leanne Lakey (playing the innocent girlfriend of the killer) did not have any nudity.  However when the American DVD release of it came out it emerged there was a brand new scene that UK viewers never saw.

The missing scene

This Robson Green crime-solving series was one that could only ever be shown post-watershed due to the often grisly nature of the murder scenes.  So the cut had nothing to do with timeslot editing.

I'm unclear whether or not it is now present on any UK DVD releases, but when the episode was shown again on ITV3 this year I checked to see if the scene had been reinstated - but it was still not there.

In the scene she is sitting on a bed naked as her scary boyfriend Luke picks out some jewellery he wants her to put on which he throws onto the bed beside her - the camera tracks up to her unhappy looking face (in a continuous shot) as she prepares to do what he wants.  A portion of the missing scene does appear near the end of the UK episode in a flashback montage but only her face close-up is used from the scene - making it a flashback to something that "never happened".

NOTE: In the above collage, for a better balance, I've reversed the sequence so it looks like it's moving down.  In the actual scene it starts low and moves upwards.

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