Sunday, 3 May 2015

Killing Me Softly Mix-Up

Yesterday (2nd May) at 9pm the film billed to be shown on the True Entertainment channel was Killing Me Softly starring Heather Graham.  My listings magazine and the Freeview EPG both gave plot details and character names that indicated it would be this 2002 film.

I was planning on watching it since I'd not seen it before, but then when it started it unexpectedly turned out not to be that film at all!

Instead it was an unheralded showing of a BBC TV rarity from 1996, also called Killing Me Softly, starring Maggie O'Neill as a woman who is driven to extreme measures by her violent alcoholic husband.  It was originally shown in the Screen One strand.  It was unedited with all the expected nudity intact.

Clearly I couldn't issue a "heads up" post for it on this occasion because of the incorrect billing - but True Entertainment do have a tendency to show things again every few months so when/if it comes round again I'll post an alert.

It could well be that True Entertainment have some sort of tap into these now rarely-if-ever seen BBC Screen One/Screen Two films because a few months ago they showed Saigon Baby starring Douglas Hodge and Kerry Fox which was a Screen Two from 1995.

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