Saturday, 17 October 2015

Heads Up: Bad Girls on CBS Action

Freeview channel CBS Action is about to start showing the 1999-2006 series Bad Girls.  The ITV drama, set in the women's prison HMP Larkhall, ran for 107 episodes.

For all its qualities, the series was not strong on nudity and the only overt nudity came in Series 1 from Mandana Jones.

Mandana Jones in Bad Girls
In one scene her character is undergoing a strip search (top row) and in another scene she is changing in her cell (bottom row).  Specific episode numbers are currently unknown although I would anticipate they are from different episodes.  Series 1 ran for 10 episodes and from reading an episode guide the second episode seems to have a plot that could account for the strip search scene.

The only other slight nudity was in series 3, episode 2 (or episode 25 overall) from 2001 when Debra Stephenson's character is attacked in a shower - but it is very marginal and fleeting.

There may have been other "almost" moments but nothing that has emerged as being enduringly noteworthy.

It is being shown on CBS Action every weeknight from 10:00pm starting on Wednesday 21st October 2015.  With the same episode then repeated later on at 1:00am.

UPDATE: 24/Oct/2015: The strip search scene was in episode 2 of series 1.
UPDATE: 12/Nov/2015: The scene shown on the bottom row of the collage turned out to be from series 2, episode 6.

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