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Mystery Model Identified: Donna Dillingham

Thanks to a blog reader, a query from November 2013 has now been solved.

In the original blog entry "Uncredited Model in Various 1990s Programmes" I proffered my observation of the same unidentified model/actress being seen in a goodly number of TV dramas from the late 1990s.

She has now been identified as Donna Dillingham who was a men's magazine glamour model in the 1980s and 1990s

Donna Dillingham, from her younger modelling days

Although she was never credited in any of the programmes I saw her in, she does have an IMDB entry and was credited in a number of other things that I hadn't seen.

Here are the programmes in which she has appeared topless:-

Uncredited appearance in the 1998 BBC2 one-off drama Touch and Go

Uncredited dancer in a 1999 episode of BBC1 comedy series Roger Roger

In a 1999 episode of The Vice (Sons) she was seen as an uncredited woman on a video that PC Doug Raymond is viewing for evidence.  And in a 2000 episode of the same programme (Walking On Water) she is seen dancing on the floor at the feet of a group of men - seen briefly through an open doorway when undercover detectives Pat Chapel and Cheryl Hutchins are taken to a restricted part of the club they are infiltrating.

Another topless appearance I've just found out about after looking her name up was in a drama-documentary series called Hidden Empire.  In episode 4 A Son Of Africa she is seen washing in a bedroom.  This was shown on BBC2 on 29 Jan 1996 at 7:30pm.

Straight acting roles with no nudity
In a 1994 BBC1 Screen One presentation called Two Golden Balls she was one of six uncredited auditioning starlets hoping to get a part in the blue film being made by the main characters of the drama.  She's the one in the red dress.

She played an uncredited speaking character called "Diane" in The Secret World of Michael Fry, a 2-part C4 drama from 2000.

In a 2000 episode of Holby City entitled Into The Woods she plays a strip-o-gram stripping out of a policewoman's uniform for a patient celebrating his 50th birthday until she is stopped by a nurse (therefore no nudity) - she has a speaking role too and is credited in this.

In episode 3 of C4's 6-part 1999 comedy series about the music industry Boyz Unlimited she plays a make- up lady getting diva-ish boyband member James Corden ready for a photoshoot.  She has a speaking role and is credited.

Her IMDB entry shows she was also two 1993 episodes of Demob playing a dancer; in the final 1998 episode of The Broker's Man, and an episode of The Wilson's from 2000.  She is also listed for a 1995 film called Cynthia Payne's House of Cyn.  It's not known at the moment whether any of these roles involve any nudity or not.

Update: 8th January 2016
Spot the difference.  I see someone has been paying attention.  All but one of the above new "spots" have now been added to IMDB.  All except for Roger Roger, presumably because the exact episode she appeared in is not established.

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