Saturday, 7 October 2017

Heads Up: Honest on ITV3

Beginning tomorrow, ITV3 are showing the 6-part drama Honest starring Amanda Redman as the head of a crooked family.  It was originally shown on ITV in 2008.

Episode 1 is on Sunday 8th October 2017 at 10:00pm, and presumably subsequent episodes will be shown weekly in the same timeslot.

There was no nudity in the first episode, but episodes 2 to 5 have topless scenes involving Georgia Mackenzie and Maye Choo.

Georgia Mackenzie

Maye Choo

Here is a description of the scenes as documented on the 2008 Topless Review page:-

Episode 2
Georgia Mackenzie (Catherine Flitt) - topless laying in a bed with her breasts seen above the level of the sheets as she waits for her boyfriend Taylor Carter (Matthew McNulty) who insists on playing out a naughty schoolboy fantasy first. (she is a teacher and he was one of her ex-pupils).

Episode 3
Maye Choo (Vicky Hong) - topless kneeling up on the floor in front of Taylor (Matthew McNulty) (whom she thinks is his twin brother Vin) after she has given him some (out of shot) oral sex while he is standing talking to his brother on a phone.

Episode 4
Georgia Mackenzie (Catherine Flitt) - topless lovemaking scene on a bed underneath Taylor in bed during which he can't stop thinking about Vicky (whose body occasionally substitutes Catherine's to illustrate this) - she is seen fully topless from various angles although the Vicky substitute shots are modestly framed.

Maye Choo (Vicky Hong) - topless making love with Taylor in a swimming pool (he is now actively pretending to be his twin brother Vin).

Episode 5
Maye Choo (Vicky Hong) - topless laying on her back next to Taylor beside an indoor swimming pool as they talk.

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