Saturday, 28 December 2013

Some Recent Observations 1

Watching Sheridan Smith's debut Jonathan Creek story "The Grinning Man" again recently on the Drama channel, I noticed something interesting that I hadn't spotted on its original broadcast.  This is the episode in which she falls into a large water tank trap beneath a bath in an old tower room in which she is staying to try and debunk a myth that nobody ever survives a night spent there. 

In the bit when she falls down into the water it is debatable whether anything much is really seen in the shroud of air bubbles - and in any case it could be stunt double doing it.  Afterwards when she is being hauled naked out of the tank by Jonathan Creek, it is definitely her, but the sequence is filmed in a very careful way so nothing revealing is seen.  Consequently I never added an entry for this one on the site. 

But now watching again more carefully I noticed an appearance of what certainly appears to be the tip of her right breast, including her nipple, seen for about two frames in a kind of shadowed profile in the gap created between Alan Davies' arm and body.

Incidentally, Drama's showing of Jonathan Creek: The Judas Tree was the unedited version including the very brief topless glimpse of Sofia Hayat which BBC1 edited out of its own broadcast.

Recently I watched the 2000 Ray Winstone film Sexy Beast on Film Four so I could better describe the scene involving Julianne White which I'd only seen in clip form and screenshots.  I had no reason to doubt the identification made by others for this scene because the woman in it looks like Julianne White and she is definitely in the film.
Unexpectedly, however, upon watching the film properly in full it turns out it is not actually Julianne White at all.

The scene in question involves a well-spoken lady sitting topless on a couch in a VIP club in London where an orgy is taking place nearby.  She is talking to two men whom she introduces to one another.  She is not named and does not appear again in the film.

Julianne White is one of the main characters called Jackie, the wife of Ray Winstone's friend in Spain.  The London club scene is a flashback which serves to show how the two men we see there (Ian McShane and James Fox) met.  The similarity between this woman and Julianne White appears to be coincidental and is not part of the story.  The narrative does not make any link between Jackie and these flashback events and clearly if it had been her this would have come out in the story in some way.  Also the speaking voices of the two women are very different.  The club woman speaks in a refined manner whereas Julianne White has a more common sort of accent.

And it becomes fairly clear when comparing screen images from the film of the two actresses that whilst they are remarkably similar looking there are some readily apparent differences and are not the same woman.  (e.g. the parting of their hair is on opposing sides).  It is reasonably understandable however how the mistake could have been made for someone not watching the film fully.

The credits don't make it entirely clear who the woman actually is but the best bet seems to be Ana Maldonado Herreria as "Matronly Woman".  This term could describe her role in the sense of being dignified and stately - and there wasn't really anyone else in the film who could have been thus described. There is not much about her online to confirm this and she is probably a Spanish actress since it was a UK-Spain co-production, possibly her voice was dubbed.

Julianne White's Sexy Beast entry has now been removed from the site.  Happily I can be sure that Julianne White's other known scene, which appears in the ITV series The Knock from 2000 (series 5, episode 1), IS definitely her because that episode was on the True Entertainment channel last week.

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