Sunday, 8 December 2013

Unknown Drama #5

(Updated May 2014, with full collage included)

Here is another unidentified clip from an 1980s TV drama. For this one I have a possible answer but have no way to confirm it.

This clip features a longish sequence showing a blonde stripper doing a topless routine on the floor of a men's club and doing a lap dance for one of the younger men who is a bit reluctant but is being encouraged by his vociferous older companion.  There is some general chitchat and laddish comments but no character names are mentioned.

Here are images of some men in the sequence who are seen close up

  • A) Seems to be the leader of the group. It has been suggested that he might be the actor Tom Adams.
  • B) The slightly green younger friend of A.
  • C) Looks a bit like another actor called "Adams". Tony Adams who played Adam Chance in Crossroads. But this actor may just be a crowd extra reacting to the stripper. He is not heard speaking in the extract so I can't tell if he would be likely to be credited or not.
If "A" is indeed Tom Adams then I've found a seemingly good possibility involving him in a play that also seemingly affirmingly has an actress credited as playing a Stripper and a plot description that seems to be supported by what occurs in the extract.

West Country Tales was an anthology series on BBC2 that ran for 14 episodes over two series from 1982 - 1983. The stories were spooky in nature.

In Series 2 in 1983, there is an episode called "Tell It To The Marines" which stars Tom Adams.

The BFI database's synopsis for that episode is "Martin And his corporal are out for a night to remember. Martin's heart really isn't in it, however. The corporal picks up a lonely widow, but gives her Martin's name"

The listed cast are: Tom Adams (as Corporal), Andy Hart (as Martin), Jenny Barnes (as Widow), Samantha Jay (as Stripper)

If the clip is from this drama then the "night to remember" could be referring to the stripper scene, and Martin, whose "heart really isn't in it", could be Man "B" who seems to be playing it a bit like that. Beyond that however the clip extract reveals nothing else.

If "B" is Andy Hart then I can't double check his likeness via other work because he seems to have been in nothing else. Likewise Samantha Jay shows up in nothing else except for a 1981 episode of "The Innes Book of Records". (Although even if not the right thing then she was clearly playing some sort of stripper in the West Country Tales episode so it would still warrant a look).

As for "C" who looks like Crosssroads' Tony Adams. He is not listed on any credits seen for this episode and it could be someone who just looks a bit like him. According to IMDB Tony Adams was in original Crossroads from 1978 to 1988 and so may not have been free to do other stuff anyway in 1983.
With several things fitting together on this one it would seem a big coincidence if it doesn't turn out to be right, although that possibility remains. However, as things stand there seems to be no way to actually confirm anything so it will have to remain unlisted for now until or unless something corroborating is found.

Of course if it isn't Tom Adams in the lead role then the whole thing falls apart anyway.


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