Saturday, 18 January 2014

Grease Monkeys Update

Further to an earlier post about the hypnotist scene in an early episode of BBC3's Grease Monkeys from 2003, a contributor has pointed me towards the solution.

Josephine Markham Webster has posted the clip on YouTube identifying herself as the hypnotised girl.

I've seen her name on the IMDB listings for Grease Monkeys before but hadn't thought it could be her because her character name is shown as "Hypnotist's Assistant" which doesn't really seem to fit (unless it transpired she was his stooge), but much more pointedly her name is attached to episode 10 which is the wrong episode entirely.

However, now looking again at other sources I see that Josephine Markham is listed for episode 1 on the Kaleidoscope Guide which fits much better.  Although this in itself is somewhat puzzling because if it is listed there that must mean she was credited after all.  I had always been under the impression that hers was an uncredited role but that seemingly turns out not to be the case.  It could be that the end credits were listed without character names and no one who watched it at the time was able to match her name up.

Josephine Markham Webster is a photographic model and has her own website.  Photos of her show a fair likeness to the girl in the scene although without her self-identification I wouldn't have been able to tell for sure.

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