Sunday, 12 January 2014

Worthy Site Footnotes #2

Here's a second batch of Site Footnotes entries.  These are both of Tamzin Malleson who is probably best remembered for being in C4's Teachers, but she was also in Bodies, Always and Everyone and Dangerfield.  She is now a regular in Midsomer Murders (although possibly a bit underused in that?).

As far as I'm aware she has never done any actual nudity but here are two things she's been in that I would say are worth a mention, both of which are oft repeated on ITV3 because of the perennially popular series they happen to be part of.

Firstly, A Touch of Frost: Deep Waters from 1996 which was her first TV role. 

And secondly, Poirot: Evil Under The Sun which was first shown on 15 Dec 2002, although the copyright date at the end is 2000.

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