Wednesday, 30 April 2014

On The Road to Stardom (via Silent Witness)

This year's Silent Witness series (shown in January) has turned out to be a bit of a springboard for actresses who did their rites of passage as topless bodies on the postmortem slab.

Firstly there was Irish actress Jane McGrath in Story 4: "Undertone" who now has a role in this year's Game of Thrones.

And just announced yesterday in the cast of the new Star Wars film is Daisy Ridley who was in Story 5: "Fraternity"

Both of them had big speaking roles in the stories before their characters died.
Jane McGrath
Daisy Ridley

For that close overhead shot of Daisy Ridley the images of her face and her body are non-continuous and are not seen together, but the make up wounds on her neck and shoulder match exactly as do the curls of her hair.

UPDATE: Here is a seamless join done by Remlap which replaces the less-than-seamless one I originally posted.

* * *
Despite this boon, Silent Witness has been pretty much it as far as female nudity goes on any of the main terrestrial channels so far this year which is by far the scantest showing of any year in recent memory.  See the main site Archive Page for a record of all years since 2000.

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