Saturday, 12 April 2014

Unknown Programme #7

Here is another clip from an 1980s TV production which has yet to be identified. 

In the clip a woman is seen fully naked walking around a house and then into a bedroom and getting into bed.  The sound on the clip is just the noise of a howling wind - there is no speech or narration heard.

The clip collector on the forum it was posted had kept no information on who it was or what it was from.  A subsequent responder recognised it as being from a 1980s TV documentary and identified the woman as being Erica Creer.

Erica Creer was a Page 3 glamour model from the 1970s and comparing modelling pictures of her it seems like the identification could be correct.

The clip does not have any typical hallmarks of a documentary and it would be easier to assume it was a scene from a drama.  However it could perhaps be a dramatised scene of some sort.  The clip contain no clues to what is going on.

Any further information would be appreciated that might help identify it.

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