Sunday, 18 May 2014

Clip Identified: Zastrozzi, A Romance

Thanks to the blog reader who identified the unknown drama set forth in the blog post Unknown Drama #2.

COMMENT: "Her name is Hilary Trott.  The actor is Mark McGann (Paul's brother) and the programme is the Channel 4 series Zastrozzi: A Romance."
Zastrozzi: A Romance was a 4-part drama made by Channel 4 and shown in 1986.  It was a contemporary adaptation of the 1810 gothic novel Zastrozzi written by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

The main protagonist of the story is Verezzi (played by Mark McGann) who becomes the target of a insidious persecution by the story's villain Zastrozzi who makes Verezzi believe his beloved Julia had died sending him into a pit of despair and leaving him vulnerable to the seductive endeavours of a young woman called Matilda.

From reading details of the plot it is clear that the woman in the clip fits in with being the "Matilda" character who was indeed played by Hilary Trott as the blog reader states.

The clip also features a woman referred to as "Julia" who, it would appear, has been murdered and this again fits in with the plot.  Julia was played by Tilda Swinton and primed with that knowledge it can be now seen that the woman seen does look like her.

So every independent detail I'm able to check seems to marry up and corroborate this identification as being spot on.

Hilary Trott only has a small number of credits on IMDB.  Zastozzi was her first screen appearance and was a major role.  Her five other credits seem to be minor parts concluding with a 1995 episode of Casualty.

Hilary Trott in Zastrozzi: A Romance

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