Saturday, 10 May 2014

List of Newly Updated Posts

Now that the blog uses the 'Adult Content' entry screen, I've gone back to some earlier posts and replaced or added pictures which I previously circumvented using.

The following posts have had updates:-
(origial posting dates in brackets)

Unidentified Sukie Smith Short (16 February 2014)

Post Round-Up - December 2013 (22 December 2013)
Added final collages for Paula Kitt in Studio and Julie La Rousse in Scene: Ties

Unknown Drama #5 (8 December 2013)

Unknown Drama #3 (26 October 2013)

Unknown Drama #2 (29 September 2013)

Unknown Actress in The Detective (21 September 2013)

Some Recent Discoveries (16 September 2013)
Collages now added (Miranda Raison, Amanda Hale, Amber Rose Revah) that I didn't have available to use at the time anyway.

Mystery Maryam d'Abo film (13 September 2013)
Also added info on some possibilties following further research

Unknown Drama #1 (11 September 2013)

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