Saturday, 27 September 2014

Missing But Not Forgotten #3: Jack The Ripper (ITV/1988)


This was a lavish 2-part (4-hour) drama made by Euston Films for ITV which starred Michael Caine and Lewis Collins as the detectives investigating the Whitechapel murders.

The original ITV broadcast contained a brief topless scene as prostitute Annette (Kelly Cryer) is sitting at her brothel dresser and pulls a black shawl around herself when Sgt George Godley (Lewis Collins) enters the room to question her.  This moment opens the scene and modern versions remove the brief topless lead-in and instead begin the scene just after she has covered herself up (so approximately from the final picture in the collage below).

This is a slightly different situation to timeslot-editing in that its editing wasn't done by a TV channel for pre-watershed showing but seems to have been done at source.  The edit was present when this was a Daily Mail DVD giveaway in 2008 as part of a Michael Caine Collection (other films of his that contained nudity weren't edited).  And more recently the Drama Channel showed it post-watershed and it contained the exact same edit.  So chances are it was edited for a commercial DVD release and this is now the only version made available.

Kelly Cryer in Jack The Ripper (ITV/1988)
(The face images come from the Daily Mail DVD and the rest are from an archive clip of the original broadcast)

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