Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Worthy Site Footnotes #8

Here are a couple more Worthy Site Footnotes.

Both of these are from long-running ITV police drama The Bill.
Firstly Tania Emery in an episode from 2001 called Aftershock.  This was the second of a six-part storyline.

Tania Emery
This post doubles up as a Heads Up!  If you are interested in seeing it, the Drama Channel's run will be reaching this episode in a few days time, at the end of this week.
  • First showing: Friday 12th Sept at 12:00 midday
  • Second Showing: Friday 12th Sept at 11:55pm
  • Third Showing: Monday 15th Sept at 11:00am
The other footnote is Kim Tiddy in an episode from 2005.  They had stopped using episode titles by then so the only way to identify it is by the original broadcast date which was 28th April 2005.  This is the episode in which she gets married.

Kim Tiddy
It'll be quite sometime before they reach this episode though.  If Drama keep going with their current five-episodes-a-week schedule, it'll not be until December of next year they get to that one! (The Bill was on twice-a-week all-year-round back then).

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