Saturday, 28 March 2015

Site Enhancement

A slight enhancement to the Topless Review Actress Database has been implemented with today's update.

Specifically the New Entries and Changed Entries pages each now contain a subsection near the top of the page which lists the names that are new to the page for the current update - with a link that takes you directly to that entry.

This will save the need to scan down the page looking for red star flags.  If there are no new additions (which sometimes happens on the Changes page) then a message will indicate this.

Site Link: (
(then select New Entries or Changes from the left menu pane)


  1. Unless I have missed it, there is no link to this blog on the Topless Review Home Page. Perhaps you could consider it.

    1. There is a link to the blog once you enter the 'TV & British Actresses' part of the site - it's at the bottom of the left hand menu pane.

      But you are right it's not on the actual home page. I'll see about adding it on somewhere.