Saturday, 4 April 2015

Heads Up #9: The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries

The Drama Channel are to be showing The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries starting on Monday 6th April.  The episode scheduled is Artists in Crime which was the pilot episode.

The 1990 pilot episode was actually called The Alleyn Mysteries and featured Simon Williams in the title role.  The full series with the longer title began in 1993 with Patrick Malahide taking over the main role.

Artists in Crime is the only episode known to have any nudity.  The plot involves an artist's model, played by Siri Neal, being murdered.

The only possible snag is that Drama are showing it at 8pm so whether it will be shown intact is unknown.  They did show the Dorothy L Sayers Mystery story Strong Poison uncut in the same 8pm timeslot and that too featured a topless art model.  However that scene was fairly innocuous whereas the scenes in this Alleyn Mystery are somewhat more conspicuous.

If it is cut then this will be another "Missing But Not Forgotten".

The (Inspector) Alleyn Mysteries
Title: Artists In Crime
Monday 6th April 2015 (Easter Monday) at 8:00pm on Drama Channel
Originally shown: 23 December 1990 on BBC1

This collage shows it has been shown on ITV3 in more recent times.

Siri Neal in The Alleyn Mysteries 

As seemed likely, it was shown edited.
Two minor bits of nudity were kept in (just to prove she was actually there I suppose) but the majority was missing which had the effect of rendering the plot a bit incomprehensible because the missing bits provided some important elements that helped explain certain things.

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