Sunday, 7 June 2015

Heads Up #14: Crocodile Shoes

Next Friday the Drama channel start showing the 1994 BBC drama series Crocodile Shoes written by and starring Jimmy Nail as Geordie factory worker Jed Shepperd who becomes a country and western star.  Series 1 covered his rise to fame and series 2 in 1996 was about how he copes with his new-found fame.  The show's theme music became a real life chart hit for Jimmy Nail.

Alex Kingston in Crocodile Shoes

Alex Kingston had a topless scene in the first series although I currently do not have any information on which episode it was from.  There were 7 episodes.  She was not in the second series which had 6 episodes.

Crocodile Shoes
Episode 1 begins on Friday 12th June at 11pm on the Drama Channel
Series 1: Originally shown: 10th Nov to 22nd Dec 1994 on BBC1
Series 2: Originally shown: 14th Nov to 19th Dec 1996 on BBC1


UPDATE: 28 June 2015
The scene in question appeared in episode 3 entitled "The Deal".


  1. It was last night's episode, ep3 "The Deal".

    1. Thanks for getting in touch - I'd recorded it on Friday night, but didn't watch it until Saturday evening.