Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New Section: British Nudity Database

A new section has been added to the Topless Review site.

(or http://www.toplessreview.altervista.org/bndb/index.htm)

The BRITISH NUDITY DATABASE is an alternative way to access the British actress information on the main Topless Review Database.

The information is the same as that on the existing database site but with a few innovations that some may find useful.
Example screen image
  1. All names are combined onto one list (rather than having lower-profile names sidelined off into the Sleeper Scenes and Seventies Starlets sections),  This also includes Irish actresses and any other non-UK areas of the British Isles.  Additionally a small number of European actresses are included whose careers were largely based in the UK.
  2. In addition to an index of the Names, there is now also a second index ordered by Title.  This new index presents the titles in alphabetical order showing for each title a list of the actresses who have scenes in that production.  Both indexes remain on the screen all the time,
  3. In the main detail area the film/programme titles for each scene description entry are clickable.  This automatically repositions the Title Index to show that title enabling you to quickly discover if any other actresses are listed for that same title.
There is no bespoke search function and the intention is that you would use your browser's inbuilt search facility.  The two indexes (Names and Titles) load as single complete A-Z pages to give the Browser's search function the full list to search upon.

The new section is a snapshot of the current database and does not have an ongoing new entries page or any coloured icon markers to show which items are new since the last update.  The existing Topless Review Database will still be the place to see the most recent new entries.

NOTE: The site relies on frames so if you are using a phone/tablet browser that doesn't properly implement independently scrolling frames then it will prove difficult to use.  The navigation functionality is achieved entirely via links and it does not employ any Javascript/VBScript code.

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