Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Heads Up #15: Rebus

Rebus was a series made by Scottish ITV about the detective John Rebus based upon the novels by Ian Rankin.  John Hannah was cast as Inspector Rebus and made two series each consisting of two feature-length episodes.  STV broadcast the first two in April and July 2000 and the second pair in Sept 2001.  The rest of the ITV network only showed the first episode in April 2000 and held back the second one until the other two were ready and scheduled them as a run of three in September 2001.  In the end it proved unpopular and the final episode Mortal Causes was pulled from the schedules (it finally got an airing on digital channel ITV3 in November 2004).  No more episodes were made starring John Hannah.

The series was re-booted in 2006 with Ken Stott now cast as Rebus.  He made 10 episodes over three series ending in 2007.

Earlier this year the Drama Channel began showing Rebus.  Their trailer made a play of contrasting John Hannah and Ken Stott's versions of the character.  However they decided to begin with the more popular Ken Stott run, perhaps out of concern that viewers might similarly not take to it if they started with the John Hannah episodes.

Now that the Ken Stott episodes have all been shown they are about to start showing the shorter John Hannah run starting with his first episode Black and Blue.  This initial episode has a topless scene featuring actress Clare McCarron, albeit a mortuary slab type scene.  This is the only episode of Rebus known to have any female nudity.

Episode: 1) Black and Blue
Saturday 8th August 2015 at 9:00pm on Drama Channel
Originally shown: 26 April 2000 on ITV

Films This Week
Also on Saturday, starting at 11:55pm, BBC2 are showing Last Orders (2001) which features Claire Harman in a topless scene.  In 2003 she was one of the main regulars in series 2 of Sky1's drama about holiday reps in Ibiza, Is Harry On The Boat?, in which she was also topless in several episodes.

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