Saturday, 1 August 2015

Movie Pick for Aug 2015 (week 1)

I won't do this every week but if I spot a film coming up on TV with good nudity that may otherwise be overlooked I'll try to mention it on the blog.

Here are two less-often seen films which have topless scenes involving British actresses.

Both are on this coming week on the Freeview channel Movie Mix (ch32)
(Movie Mix is known as More>Movies on Sky and Freesat)

On Wednesday 5th August at 9:00pm is Fortress 2: Re-Entry (2000) in which Liz May Brice has a couple of topless scenes (all of them in the shower).  She is one of the main actors in the film.

Liz May Brice is a fairly familiar face on British TV appearing recently in Eastenders and she was a regular in Bad Girls in 2005-2006

* * *

On Friday 7th Aug at 10:50pm is 8mm 2 (2005) in which Frances Da Costa has a topless scene.  Her role is a small one in the film playing a dancer from Brighton working in a strip club in Budapest where the film is set.  Her topless scene is in the dancers' dressing room.

Frances Da Costa (now known as Francesca Kingdon) appeared on TV as regular character Yasmin Salter in two series of Footballers Wive$: Extra Time in 2005-2006 which was ITV2's spin-off series to Footballers' Wives

8mm 2 has a lot of other nudity from actresses of other nationalities playing models or strippers, as well as from the main actress Lori Heuring.

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