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Film Report: Anarchy Parlor (2014)

Anarchy Parlor (2014) 
aka: Parlor
Country: USA
Writers/Directors: Devon Downs and Kenny Gage
Stars: Robert LaSardo, Jordan James Smith, Tiffany DeMarco, Sara Fabel, Ben Whalen, Claire Garvey, Anthony Del Negro, Beth Humphreys, Joey Fisher

Anarchy Parlor (spelt the American way) is a 2014 horror film made in Lithuania with a cast of American, British and local actors.  The story involves a group of six twenty something friends who are on holiday in Lithuania out to have a good time.  At a party they meet a heavily tattooed woman called Uta (Sara Fabel) who works as an apprentice at a local tattoo parlour.  Amy (Tiffany DeMarco) decides she would like a tattoo and Brock (Ben Whalen) fancies his chances with Uta so they both head off to the parlour.  There they meet the tattooist (Robert LaSardo) who is an artisan of his profession and has a reassuring way that puts Amy at her ease unaware that he is hiding a dark purpose behind his serenity.  Meanwhile Uta takes Brock downstairs to the basement for what he thinks will be some kinky fun.  But Uta was a lure and soon Brock and Amy are prisoners in the basement in which the tattooist efficiently carries out a grisly sideline in skinning people alive to procure highly-prized human leather for which the rich trophy-hunting elite will pay handsomely.  The rest of the group eventually set about trying to find/rescue their missing friends and when they too visit the parlour seeking information their own lives are placed in similar peril ...

The scenes of skinning are gruesome and graphically portrayed so will probably only appeal to fans of "torture" type films .  But since this isn't a blog about horror films what really concerns us here is the nudity content (which fortunately doesn't coincide with any of the "surgical" scenes).  This pleasanter side is provided by two of the British actresses involved:- Beth Humphreys and Joey Fisher, both of whom also work as topless glamour models who appeared in magazines like Zoo.  Here, however, they are doing acting jobs and are not simply bit part players.  Beth Humphreys has the larger of the two parts and is one of the main group of friends, whilst Joey Fisher is a lap dancer who goes on a date with one of the lads and unwittingly falls victim when he takes her to the tattoo parlour looking for his friends.  There is one other British actress in the group of friends called Claire Garvey who has a "topless" sex scene but carefully doesn't show any nudity.  Uta is played by a Finnish actress called Sara Fabel who has a sex scene and may be seen topless briefly although her body is heavily covered in tattoos so it was a bit hard to tell.  The lead actress playing Amy (Tiffany DeMarco) is American and doesn't have any nudity in the film.  All the boyfriends in the group are also American actors.  Local actress Gabija Urnieziute is very briefly seen topless in a bedroom scene and there are three uncredited pole dancers.

Here are collages of the scenes involving the two British actresses:-

Beth Humphreys' topless scene is on a hotel room bed having sex with her boyfriend Jesse;
Beth Humphreys

Joey Fisher is seen topless during a lengthy scene in her strip club doing a private lap dance for (again) Jesse.

Joey Fisher

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