Saturday, 19 March 2016

Site Update: Paparazzi Classics

The Paparazzi Classics section of the main site has long been neglected having remained un-updated since February 2009.

But now it has at last been brought up to date with fresh entries and has had a design overhaul to boot.  This includes the addition of a side index. When last updated the page had 201 names and 332 entries.  The new version launches with 425 names and 849 entries.

In addition to the main list of detailed entries, the foot of the page contains a supplementary list of the names for whom paparazzi pictures have also been noted but who are not currently judged to be high-profile enough to be detailed on the list  - those entries are not included in the stated count.

The intention is that it will now be updated on a more regular basis.  When new entries start to appear the names involved will be listed at the top of the page and the entries themselves will be shown in red.

The direct URL is the same as before:-

Example Screenshot of new layout

ABOUT: The Paparazzi Classics page contains a list of tabloid newspaper type paparazzi pictures for UK celebrities, or those who are well known in the UK

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