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Film Report: Grave Tales (2011)

Grave Tales (2011)
Country: UK
Director/Producer: Don Fearney
Writers: John Hamilton, Mike Murphy
Stars: Brian Murphy, Heather Darcy, Frank Scantori, Damien Thomas, Mark Sloan, Marysia Kay

This horror film is very much in the tradition of the Amicus portmanteau films of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Dr Terror's House of Horrors (1965), The House That Dripped Blood (1970) and Tales From The Crypt (1972), in which a series of short tales were presented with a framing sequence linking them together in some way. 

It is listed on IMDB as a 2011 film and it has a copyright date of 2012, although on Marysia Kay's CV she lists it as having been something she did in 2009.

Three of the four tales have female nudity.

Framing Sequence: A young woman (Heather Darcy) visits a graveyard where she meets an elderly groundkeeper (played by George and Mildred actor Brian Murphy) who proceeds to tell her terror-filled tales of how some of the persons buried there met their untimely ends...

One Man's Meat: An alcoholic family butcher (Frank Scantori) accidentally kills a young street woman and decides his only recourse to evade justice is to dismember her and sell her as chops in his shop.  But due to the woman's unsuspected preternatural condition, customers who unwittingly consume her flesh are in for a bloody shock!

Johanna Stanton plays the young woman whom the butcher kills - she is topless on his slab as he prepares to perform the grizzly deed he has decided upon.

Callistro's Mirror: A collector of occult objects (Damien Thomas) finds an antique mirror in a junk shop that once belonged to a 17th century sorcerer.  He believes it will bring him untold fortune until he discovers its horrifying secret!

Jade Moira Lawrence and Katie Langford play the "Keepers" who live inside the mirror and are both seen topless. 

Both are similar in appearance so hopefully I've correctly worked out which is which on these collages.  (Jade Moira Lawrence can also be seen in a film called "Love Freely But Pay For Sex" and seemed to more closely resemble the one I've indicated as her)


The Hand: A brutal escaped prisoner (Mark Sloan) lops off the hand of the burdensome convict to whom he had been shackled.  But as he continues his bid for freedom the detached hand has other ideas!
No nudity

Dead Kittens: A young female singer (Marysia Kay) is plucked from obscurity to be lead singer of the girl band "Dead Kittens", not realising she has fallen into the hands of Satanists who have something deadly in mind for her career!

Marysia Kay is seen topless while changing into an outfit for a music video shoot and again when her smock is ripped open whilst lying on a sacrifice altar


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