Saturday, 15 October 2016

Missing But Not Forgotten: Dalziel and Pascoe

The Drama Channel have just shown an episode of long-running BBC detective drama Dalziel and Pascoe which originally had some nudity in it.  This was edited out for this transmission which began at 8pm.

The episode in question was the first story of Series 3 from 1998 entitled Under World.  The story was set amongst a mining community and dealt with the unsolved death of a miner.

Actress Joy Brook played a flirtatious woman prepared to use her charms to further her husband's career.  In the original broadcast she had two scenes worthy of note that were both excised. 

In the first scene she is seen almost topless as she is putting her bra back on after having sex with her ex-fiancé Colin Farr (Joe Duttine) - in the cut version the scene started late after she had re-dressed which resulted is some dialogue being missed.

The other scene is a flashback showing her undressing in a field in front of deputy mine foreman Harold Satterwaite (Russell Dixon) who is doing her a favour in return - while a man spies on them through binoculars - the cut version removed her part of the sequence entirely just showing the watching voyeur and leaving the viewer to guess at what he was seeing.

Joy Brook is perhaps best known for playing DC Kerry Holmes in The Bill from 1998-2000


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