Saturday, 31 December 2016

Missing But Not Forgotten: Sparkling Cyanide

Over the Christmas period ITV3 showed the 2003 drama Sparkling Cyanide which originally contained a nude scene.

Sparkling Cyanide was a (loose) modern-day adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel that featured her lesser-known sleuth Colonel Race.  The main character was renamed to Colonel Geoffrey Reece (played by Oliver Ford-Davies) and he was aided by his wife Dr Catherine Kendall (played by Pauline Collins).

As originally broadcast in 2003 Chloe Howman is seen briefly nude getting into a shower before being interrupted by her doorbell ringing.  This scene was missing from the recent broadcast which was initially shown at 10:10am on 28th December 2016.  It was shown again after midnight on that same day's schedules at 1:00am.  It was the late night showing I checked which was, rather lazily, the same daytime-friendly version.

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