Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pagan Queen Misidentification

The Pagan Queen (2009) is another film that was subject to a mistaken identification when clips were first seen - and a quick websearch shows that this misidentification still seems to perpetuate.

In this case it's a scene that was said to be Vera Filatova, who has most recently been seen as a regular in the BBC1 sitcom "Me and Mrs Jones"

The scene in question involves a young woman lying on her back on some rocks to lure an enemy male soldier into approaching - and when he does she sits up and stabs him to signal the start of an ambush attack by the warrior women led by Vlasta (Lea Mornar).

This woman has no speaking part and is not named or credited.  A good view of her face is seen earlier in the film while she is travelling in a wagon with Libuse (Winter Ave Zoli) - but she does not speak here either.

Vera Filatova (whose character was of a different tribe to Vlasta and was not involved in the battle scene at all), was one of the main characters in the film and did not have any nudity.

Above two: From the scene

The same uncredited extra sitting with Winter Ave Zoli

This is Vera Filatova as she appears in The Pagan Queen

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