Sunday, 29 September 2013

Unknown Drama #2

Here's another puzzling one for which neither the actress nor the programme title are known. It is probably from the late 1980s or early 1990s.

The suggestion has been made that the Man in the clip looks a bit like Paul McGann.

The actress that needs to be identified is the one with frizzy flame-red hair.

In the clip the following things are seen and heard:-
  • The Redhead and Man are lying in bed together, the sound of wind and a tolling bell can be heard. The Redhead sits up topless in bed and looks around in a panic calling out "Daddy" several times as if fearful of something (she is not talking to the Man here, but someone else she thinks might be in the room).
  • (another scene or later in same scene) The Redhead is lying on her front in bed beside the same sleeping man and the sound of a tolling bell is heard outside as she laments to herself "We're accused of murder!"
Then there is sequence of images:-
  • A different actress (with dark hair) is seen dead on the ground and the Man cries out her name "Julia!" (Maybe she's the person they are accused of murdering?)
  • The Man is seen banging furiously on a door
  • Someone in a rowing boat in the middle of a lake is shot dead
  • The Man is seen dancing with the Dark Haired girl - and calls her "Julia" again
  • A hanging jacket is seen in flames
  • "Julia" is seen dead laying on her back impaled by a stake
  • The Redhead and a man (not sure if the same one) are seen kissing passionately in a train compartment
  • The Man and the Redhead are seen making love in bed while an echoing male voiceover says "Will you take this man, will you take this woman - I Will, I Will."

Very little can be gleaned from the confusing clip other than there being a character whose name sounds a lot like "Julia" and a man in it who looks a bit like Paul McGann.

Nothing currently listed on Paul McGann's credits seems to fit the bill. The man certainly has a resemblance to Paul McGann but it might well be someone else.

Does anyone know if Paul McGann was ever in something like this, or can suggest an alternate identification for the actor seen?

Here are some images from it - leave a comment if you recognise anyone or have any suggestions of what the programme title might be.

The Redhead - to be identified

The Paul McGann-like Man


Some other images seen
UPDATE - May 2014
This query has now been identified as being Hilary Trott in Zastrozzi: A Romance.

See the comments section and the blog post Clip Identified: Zastrozzi, A Romance for fuller details and a full collage.


  1. Her name is Hilary Trott. The actor is Mark McGann (Paul's brother) and the programme is the Channel 4 series Zastrozzi: A Romance (

    1. Thanks very much for identifying this one. I'll do a proper blog entry about it soon.