Saturday, 26 October 2013

Unknown Drama #3

From another mystery clip.  Neither the title of the programme nor the name of the actress are known here. 

(A man and blonde woman walking through a computer centre)
Man: ... You didn't program THAT through one of your computers.
Woman: Program what, Jack, I don't know what you're talking about.
(Clip jump)
The same man is standing looking at a naked brunette woman leaning against a pillar. The picture then fades into them making love together on a bed with the woman seen topless.  A French speaking woman's voice is heard talking over the scene - maybe it's meant to be the brunette woman's thoughts?
At the end it fades into a close up of a woman's face - she may be the brunette woman or possibly someone else.

The man's character name of "Jack" is used.  From the brief dialogue heard, Jack sounds like he could be American (or maybe putting on an American accent) , the blonde computer room woman sounds English.

It is probably something from the 1980s.  An assumption is 1987 since other known clips posted at the same time as this one were from that year.  I assume it's a TV show although there's a chance it could be a film.  It may turn out that the topless woman is a French actress and not a candidate for inclusion on the site but it would be nice to solve it anyway so that can be established.

The key to solving it is probably the identification of the man and from there hopefully finding something in which he played a character called "Jack". And then seeing who else was in it.

UPDATE - May 2014
A further collage of the scene added ...

UPDATE - April 2017
This drama has been identified as Man on the Screen from June 1987.


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