Saturday, 2 November 2013

Chrome Compatibility Issue Sorted

If you're a Chrome user you may like to know that the Rare Films part of the site should now display OK. 

I've always used Internet Explorer and I only recently tried the site out in Chrome and discovered the "card" style formatting I had used on the Rare Films section was being completely ignored by Chrome making the information look like an disorganised mess.

The problem turned out to be semi-colons I had put between each class element in the style sheet which Chrome wasn't liking.  Admittedly I thought they needed to be there because the example I originally worked from had them and Internet Explorer was, and still is, fine with them.  But I took them out and it now seems to be OK on Chrome and still works exactly the same on IE.

There are a number of other slight differences in the way the two browsers render other parts of the site but those are not so ungainly and don't affect usability.

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