Saturday, 30 November 2013

Worthy Site Footnotes

This post is to give a creditable mention to scenes that cannot be properly described as topless but are nonetheless fairly revealing.

It's a shame not to give some of these scenes a mention on the main site especially when they can sometimes seem more revealing than a number of "proper" topless scenes of the carefully-filmed-and-edited variety.  But regrettably I think it would get a bit too subjective to choose whether such scenes were good enough to include or not and decisions would probably vary depending on how high-profile the actress was and whether she had already done any "proper" nudity that might make the mention seem superfluous.

A while ago I did experiment with adding a handful of entries which I flagged as "Noteworthy Non-Nudity" scenes but I quickly realised that it wouldn't really work and so did not continue.

For this post I've selected a couple of collages depicting scenes that might have made it.

Laura Aikman in BloodMonkey (2007)
I can't tell for sure if she is wearing a bra under her shirt although it doesn't look like she is.

Anna-Louise Plowman in My Life In Film (BBC3/2004)
This scene almost made it but it was just a bit too carefully filmed.  Nonetheless it is her most revealing scene that I know of.

I have more examples if this posting theme is of any interest (?). 
(Since I hardly get any comments I don't really know what people think of this blog)

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