Saturday, 1 February 2014

Not The Nine O'Clock News - Baby On The Bus - further update

It's a bit of a mystery to me why, but the original Baby on the Bus post continues to be the most viewed post every week.  The behind-the-scenes Blog Statistics which tally up the number of times each post is viewed (in single-post view mode) shows that it tops the tables every week with hits coming in directly from people searching for information on the sketch via search engines.  It has had a vastly disproportionate 33% of all the hits received for all 25 posts placed so far.  But quite why that subject is of such keen interest, I don't know.  The next nearest one is 12.5% which was the one about Killing Bono.

Anyway since it seems to be of particular interest here is a further update to illustrate my negative findings (reported in the Round-Up in December 2013) which came after viewing the two Are You Being Served episodes to check if same woman who appeared in the sketch could be spotted, which would have been strongly supportive of her being Robina Gauge who is logged on the BBC Motion Gallery records as having appeared in both these AYBS episodes as well as the episode of the Not The Nine O'Clock News featuring the "Baby on the Bus" episode. 

The following collages show the people seen on screen who had non-speaking parts and were not shown in the end credits.  At the bottom of each collage is a reminder of the "Baby on the Bus" actress

Mrs Slocombe, Senior Person
(This episode had very few extras)


It's feasible that she could be the extra in the black jacket at the bottom right if she's wearing a wig, but it's not possible to tell with any certainty.  This was the best view of those customers who are only seen on screen for a few seconds.

The Hero
(There were more extras in this one so two collages are required)


The extra on the left is only seen from the side for a fraction of a second
The extra in the middle is the lift operator about to give Captain Peacock a kiss
The extra on the right in the green top is watching the boxing match with Young Mr Grace and his (credited) nurse and secretary - she looks a bit like Penelope Wilton.


There are four more extras standing on the back row behind the regular staff also watching the boxing match.

So as I say it's difficult to correlate any of the actresses as appearing in both episodes or any of them closely matching the Baby on the Bus actress.

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