Sunday, 23 February 2014

Some Uncredited Roles To Be Identified #2

Here are some roles in TV shows in which the actress involved in a topless scene was given a character name but went uncredited.  If anyone has additional information that might lead to an identification please let me know in the comments.

BBC Shows

Holby Blue (BBC1/2007): episode 1 [short-lived police spin-off from Holby City] Uncredited character called "Stacy" who was the one-night stand of one of the policemen.  Her left nipple accidentally strayed above the frame of the shot while they were kissing in the bedroom before he left for work and then she throws his forgotten police cap down to him.  She had some dialogue.

Love Soup (BBC1/2005) - series 1, episode 4: They Do Not Move.  A full frontal poster of a celebrity called "Pascal Peters" features as a plot point, but she doesn't actually appear for real in the episode and was not credited.  It was presumably something specially created for the show though.

Most Sincerely (BBC4/2008) - Hughie Green biopic.  The actress playing young boy Hughie's mother was topless in a sex scene and had one line of dialogue but was not credited.

Messiah (BBC1/2005) ep: The Harrowing (3-parter) - murder victim "Catherine Cardell", 20-year-old psychology student, seen topless on a mortuary slab - briefly seen alive but not credited

Silent Witness (BBC1/2006) ep: Schism.  In this episode there are two dead victims named as "Jackie Cooper" and "Lisa Finch" who feature heavily in a longish scene in which they are placed in special glass chambers and scanned with ultra violet light.  Neither of them receive a credit.

Silent Witness (BBC1/2005) ep: The Meaning of Death.  Character "Dawn Pivcevic" seen briefly topless on an autopsy table, and seen alive in flashbacks, but non-speaking and uncredited.

ITV Shows

DCI Banks (ITV/2011) ep: Friend of the Devil.  Uncredited character called "Hayley Daniels" topless as a dead body on postmortem table

Case Sensitive (ITV/2011) -  2-part drama.  Uncredited character called "Maria Hey" seen topless in a bath in a death flashback scene

Falling (ITV/2005) - Non-speaking uncredited character called "Marietta" topless in a sex scene with Michael Kitchen

Wycliffe (ITV/1994) series 1, ep: The Dead Flautist.  She was a character called "Lizzie Biddick" who has been murdered and some saucy pictures of her are found, one is full frontal - but she is never seen alive or dead on-screen and is not credited at the end.  NOTE: The on-screen view of the photo is often now edited out of repeat transmissions.

Wire In The Blood (ITV/2006) - ep: Torment.  A previous victim called "Juliette" is pulled out on a mortuary shelf for a new examination to see if her fingernails have been painted in the same way as the latest victim

Channel 5 and Sky

Life and Death In Rome (Sky1/2005): Docudrama.  Two characters named as "Lydia" and "Daria" both topless getting into a roman bath.

Urban Gothic (C5/2001) series 2, ep: Necromance.  A featured, but non-speaking role as dead body in a morgue, named "Charlotte"
Topless as a dead body on a mortuary slab as a young student called Corum (Alastair Bruce) pulls away the sheet covering her and starts kissing her when Poppy (Susan Burnett) comes in and sees him - later full frontal nudity on the slab as Corum gets off her and Poppy takes a photo - then continuing to be seen topless as Corum and Poppy stand beside the slab talking and she encourages him to carry on kissing the dead girl.  NOTE: Her name is determined when Corum reads the tag on her foot - but she is never seen alive with any dialogue and is not credited.

A Mind To Kill (C5/1997) - series 2, episode 3, Game Plan - a character called "Mandy", topless and rear nudity on a beach with a non-topless friend (who is credited), they go separate ways and Mandy comes a cropper

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