Sunday, 16 February 2014

Unidentified Sukie Smith Short

There is an as yet unidentified short film featuring Sukie Smith in a topless bath scene. The clip comes from a collector's compilation of scenes made in 1996 and so would have been shown on TV sometime around then. The title of the short was not indexed.

In the short clip she is topless laying back in a bath with clear non-soapy water. Before getting into the bath she stands in the bathroom and touches her arm which looks bruised, and then in the bath she tenderly touches her cheek which also looks like it may be bruised.

There is nothing on her IMDB credits that seems to fit the bill and it has remained an unsolved mystery.

On her agents website her CV contains a couple of shorts not listed on IMDB:-

Directed by Devon Dixon
Character Name: Sonya
Dated 1992 on the BFI database, but has no cast listed, and the director's name is spelt "Dickson"

Asking For It
Directed by Madeleine Hall
Character Name: Adele
Not listed on the BFI database
Although her CV doesn't use dates, it is listed in chronological order and so this short is between other things whose dates are known that would place it in the 1990-1992 range.

So the scene in question might well be from one of those two, but no other information on them has been found to be able to make any further progress.

The fact that she appears to be bruised perhaps resonates more with the title "Asking For It" if it was about some sort of domestic abuse situation, but I'm only speculating because the clip doesn't include any footage to indicate how she got the bruises.

UPDATE - May 2014
Replaced above collage with full version.

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