Saturday, 16 August 2014

Film Report: Delicious (UK 2013)

Delicious tells the story of a young chef from France called Jacques (Nico Rogner) who comes to England to work for top restaurateur Victor Ellwood (Adrian Scarborough) whom he secretly believes to be his father.  While working there Jacques takes up lodgings in a flat where he meets his abrasive downstairs neighbour Stella (Louise Brealey) whom Jacques soon realises has a severe eating disorder which is making her miserable.  Jacques decides to try to help her by introducing her to the culinary treats his skills can conjure up.

Louise Brealey (known for TV series Sherlock and Casualty) has some nudity in the film.

There are two scenes.  In the first she is standing naked in her flat when Jacques looks in through the window trying to gain her attention when he wants to borrow some coffee and accidentally sees her naked.  In the other scene she is in a bath.

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