Sunday, 31 August 2014

Query Solved: The Detective (BBC1/1985)

Update to the post: Unknown Actress in The Detective (BBC1/1985)

Where we left it: See the earlier post for the story so far in which my own research into a clip from the 1985 BBC serial The Detective took me as far as finding that an actress called Julia Stockwell seemed to be the most likely contender for being the girl in the pool with Hugh Grant.  But no further, since it seemed she had done nothing else and I couldn't find any pictures of her to be really sure.

Now thanks to some sterling research by a blog reader, who found a contemporaneous image of Julia Stockwell in the Spotlight Directory for 1985/1986, I think it can now be confirmed.

Here is the new picture of Julia Stockwell, first alone and then again with images from The Detective scene for a side-by-side comparison.

As you can see she has very similar looking chin, eyebrows and hairline.  Taking that in combination with the earlier research that threw up her name as the probable candidate, it seems almost certain she is the actress in the scene.

So this query can now be considered solved.

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  1. I'd been researching this for a VERY VERY long time. Fantastic to see that you solved it (& I was very late to the party finding this page, but better late than never). BIG BIG thanks to your source. Shame that's all there is of her, though. She deserved more attention!