Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Heads Up #4: Taggart

Coming up on Saturday on the Freeview channel True Entertainment is a 1997 episode of Taggart entitled Apocalypse.

Saturday 16th August 2014 at 9:00pm on True Entertainment
Originally shown: January 1997

This story had a couple of topless scenes featuring actresses Clare Scott-Campbell and Georgina Sowerby.

Clare Scott-Campbell in Taggart: Apocalypse

Georgina Sowerby in Taggart: Apocalypse

Update (Sun 17th Aug)

They showed a different episode!

Checking more closely it seems Apocalypse was originally a 3-part story (three hours with ads) and yet they had scheduled it into a two-hour slot (with ads) so they substituted the episode Out of Bounds in its stead which was originally a single 100-minute episode.

They'll have the same problem with (today's) Sunday's billed episode called Babushka which is another 3-parter but again scheduled for only two hours.

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