Saturday, 27 February 2016

Film Report: Bloodlust (2014)

Bloodlust (2014)
aka: Bloodless
Country: UK
Writer/Director: Richard Johnstone
Stars: Patrick Wilde, Angela Zahra, Bill Fellows, Victoria Hopkins, Louis Murrall, Anna Scott, Lucas Hansen

Bloodlust is a UK horror film about a disparate group of couples who have all separately applied to take part in a medical drugs trial being held at a remote castle.  The coordinator in charge of the trial (Patrick Wilde) sets out very strict rules and forbids any contact with the outside world confiscating all means of mobile communication.  They are told they are free to leave whenever they want but only those who stay the distance will be paid the not inconsiderable fee on offer.  After a few days one couple find the regime too extreme and decide to leave but discover to their cost that leaving was not really an option after all as they are set upon by something predatory and hungry once they have said their goodbyes to the others and left the castle grounds.  Those that remain are soon fighting for their lives as they discover the true nature of the trial organisers and the real reason they have been lured here.

The nudity to mention in this film comes from Victoria Hopkins playing one of the main trial volunteers.  She is an Australian actress who works mostly in the UK on low-budget horror films such as this.  The nudity is brief and comes when she is reaching for a towel after coming out of the shower.

Victoria Hopkins in Bloodlust

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