Saturday, 20 February 2016

Film Report: Demon Baby (2014)

Demon Baby (2014)
aka: Little Devil
aka: Wandering Rose
Country: UK
Director: Corrie Greenop / Writers: Corrie Greenop, Lee Phillips
Stars: Carina Birrell, David Wayman, Cameron Jack

Engaged couple Rose (Carina Birrell) and Theo (David Wayman) are taking a camping holiday in the Scottish highlands.  Theo is full of enthusiasm for exploring the great outdoors and eagerly looking forward to becoming a father following Rose's recent news that she had fallen pregnant.  Theo is loving and attentive but Rose is feeling despondent and remote having done something she knows will shatter him when he finds out.  In the meantime Rose keeps having nightmarish visions that she cannot control, and as Theo becomes increasingly concerned about her, she begins to question her own sanity.

Demon Baby is the film's American title and its DVD cover art is clearly trying to gear it as a horror film.  Whilst the film does at times steer you into thinking in terms of a supernatural explanation, it is not ultimately of that genre and so may lead the viewer to an ending they were not expecting.
For its UK release it has been renamed again as Little Devil - this again sounds as though it is being aimed at the horror market.
The original title of the film was Wandering Rose which is somewhat vague but not misleading.

The nudity in this film comes from Scottish actress Carina Birrell in a scene in which her character is taking a shower.

Carina Birrell in Demon Baby (Little Devil)

Carina Birrell has previously been seen topless in episode 5 of the second series in BBC3's lesbian relationship drama Lip Service in 2012.

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