Saturday, 6 February 2016

Film Report: The Maid (2014)

The Maid (2014)
Country: UK
Writer/Director: Paul Emmanuel
Stars: Claire Kahane, Ryan Cerenko, Keith Hill

Plot: Emotionally troubled and angry-with-world American teenager Jack (Ryan Cerenko) has come on an unwanted trip to England to visit his hated British father David (Keith Hill).  Jack shuns all efforts his father makes to build bridges and blames him for everything wrong about his life.  It is Jack's 18th birthday soon but he hates his birthday because it reminds him his mother died giving birth to him.  His father's second marriage failed and now living with an uncle in the States he feels like an orphan who has never had a proper family. David employs a 20-something French maid called Maria (Claire Kahane) who tries to understand the pain Jack is feeling.  Jack finds her fascinating and soon develops a massive crush on her making his stay bearable.  Maria has hidden sorrows of her own and eventually that helps her empathise with him and a soul-searching relationship develops between the two of them that enables them both to grow and perhaps forgive those they judge to have wronged them.

Claire Kahane plays her role as Maria with a convincing French accent, so-much-so that whilst watching I assumed that she was a real French actress working abroad.  But it turns out she is an English actress who has worked on a number of projects although this appears to be her first lead role in a feature film.  Ryan Cerenko is also a British actor so (presumably) he too was putting on the American accent he uses.

There are two topless scenes which both feature Claire Kahane.  In the first she opens her blouse and lowers her bra cups when she grants Jack's request to kiss her breasts; later on she is topless in a bedroom when she and Jack have a lovemaking scene.

Claire Kahane in The Maid

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