Sunday, 10 November 2013

Uncredited Model in Various 1990s Programmes

There is a bit-part actress/model whom I have noticed cropping up in a number of programmes from a certain period in the 1990s up to 2000.  Some of the roles have involved topless nudity and others have just been glamorous/sexy roles - but she has never been credited for any of them.  She has a quite distinctive "Frances Barber" type of look to her and it seems to me it is the same woman each time.

Here is a log of her appearances that I have noted:-

Screen One: Two Golden Balls (BBC1/1994) - one-off drama
She is one of five auditioning actresses hoping to get a part in the porn movie being made, all uncredited and non-speaking.  She has no nudity in this.

Touch and Go (BBC2/1998) - one-off drama
She plays a topless woman in a brothel corridor gesturing to Martin Clunes as he walks by.

Roger Roger (BBC1/1999) - an episode from series 2
She plays a topless dancer at a wild hedonistic party.

The Secret World Of Michael Fry (C4/2000) - 2-part drama (25/Apr/2000; 02/May/2000)
She plays a sex worker and is referred to with the character name of "Diane" although she is not credited.  She has no nudity in this one.


Holby City (BBC1/2000) - ep: Into The Woods (9/Mar/2000)
A site contributor, who has also noticed the same woman, has told me he has also seen her in this episode of Holby City playing a stripogram - she had several lines of dialogue in it but again was not credited. (I have no images from this one).

It's possible she is a well known nineties model who I just don't know about, so if anyone can put a name to her that would be useful.  Or if you have spotted her in anything else then I can add them to the list.


  1. i think it's 80's/90's glamour model Donna Dillingham

    1. Thanks for the suggested name - it seems you may be right, but I'll do some checking of other things she's been in first. She has an IMDB page so must have been credited in some appearances - just none of the ones I've seen her in it seems.