Sunday, 17 November 2013

Unknown Drama #4

This query is for an unknown drama from another retained clip.  The actress involved was identified by the clip collector as model Mandy Montgomery.

The clip includes the opening moments of the programme which has a graphic informing us that subtitles are available on Oracle p888.  This helps slightly by narrowing it down to an ITV or Channel 4 programme shown prior to the end of 1992.  Oracle was commercial television's equivalent of the BBC's Ceefax until it was replaced by the service called "Teletext" at the start of 1993.

That puts an upper bound on it although in fact it is likely to be from much earlier than this.  If it is indeed Mandy Montgomery she was best known in the 1980s as one of the glamorous "Grumblegirls" who appeared on the Grumbleweeds TV show which ran from 1983 to 1987 (the other girls were Sally Wilde and Tracey Dixon).  So it seems likely the unknown drama is from a similar period.  Furthermore two other known clips posted at the same time were from 1985.

From the one and only online picture I was able to find of Mandy Montgomery it certainly looks like it could be her so there is no reason to doubt that identification which I can only assume was publicised at the time.  If she was listed in the programme's end credits then that credit has not made it to IMDB or other sources that I have checked.

From what is present in the clip it seems to involve a group of twenty-something friends (who may be involved in arranging parties) staying at a manor house belonging to grandmother of one of the group.  It has a present day setting.  They have a party and later there is a bit on the lawn outside at night in which the two of the girls drunkenly strip - although this is seen from a distance with their backs turned with only some side of Mandy Montgomery's left breast seen.

At the very end of the clip there is a snippet of a seated man and woman in another location and on the wall behind is what looks like an election poster with the name "Blyberg" on it - this may (or may not) be from the same programme.  (It could be an overrun to the start of another clip).

There are some good face shots of some of the actors and actresses in it during the party scene but I don't recognise any of them.  I thought one of the actresses perhaps resembles a young Michelle Holmes but I can't find anything she was in from the mid to late 1980s that this might be.

If any of the actors or actresses seen in the screencaps below can be identified that may well be enough to zero in on the title of the programme.

Mandy Montgomery from the Programme + a poster image of her

Other Actors in the Programme

Possibly from the same programme

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