Friday, 17 April 2015

Heads Up #11: Between The Lines

The Drama Channel are about to start showing the BBC drama series Between The Lines starring Neil Pearson as the head of a police department responsible for rooting out corruption in the police force.

It started in 1992 and lasted for 35 episodes over 3 series.

Several episodes had nudity although in this case I don't have a precise guide to the exact episodes some of these scenes appeared in.

Lesley Vickerage played WPC Jenny Dean in the first series only and had several topless scenes throughout.  This collage shows an amalgamation of those scenes.

Jaye Griffiths played Molly Cope in three episodes although the information I have is that her rear nude scene was in episode 6 (Lest Ye Be Judged) of the first series which was her first appearance.

Sophie Dix played Louise Parker in episodes 4 and 5 of series two.  Her topless scene must be in the first of these (Honourable Men) because she appears in the scene with Paul Freeman who was only in that episode.

Sylvestra Le Touzel played Sarah Teale in episodes 4 to 10 of series three.  She has a fully nude scene in one of those episodes.

Episode 1 of Between The Lines begins on Monday 20th April at 10:00pm

UPDATE 8th May 2015
BAD NEWS: The Drama Channel are editing out the nudity despite it being shown at 10pm!
The first episode that should have had some nudity I've been able to pinpoint as being episode #3 (based on matching up the preamble moments from clips I've seen).  This was the episode that was on this week (4th May 2015) but the scenes were truncated before any nudity was seen.

So this entry has unfortunately become another "Missing But Not Forgotten" report.

UPDATE 13th May 2015
BETTER NEWS: They seem to have had a re-think and from episode 4 they have scheduled more time for it and are showing the full unedited 50-minute episodes.  Perhaps they got a lot of complaints about the 45-minute cut versions they were showing before.  Episode 4 (on 11th May) included a topless stripper credited as Juliet Sheldrake.

UPDATE 10th June 2015
ANOTHER DEVELOPMENT: It would seem Between The Lines is not proving popular enough with the viewers because starting with this week's episode (#8) it has been removed from the Monday evening 10pm slot.  It has not been dropped entirely though and is continuing in a graveyard slot at around 3am of early Tuesday mornings.  It is on again next week in a similar slot so I would guess that they will at least complete the 13 episodes of the first series.  Whether it will continue after that is another matter.

The Drama Channel used to have to cease broadcasting on Freeview at 2am (while continuing on other platforms until 4am) - you may not have realised that that situation has now changed and it continues on Freeview as well all the way to the end.

UPDATE 27th June 2015
INFO: The second of Lesley Vickerage's two main topless scenes was in this week's episode - Episode 10: Nothing to Declare.  Therefore in the collage shown above the images from the top row to the middle of the second row are from episode 3, and the remainder of the middle row and the bottom row are from episode 10.

UPDATE 25th August 2015
HERE WE GO AGAIN: They did show all of first series and now, after a short break, have continued on with Series 2 (at 11:20pm on Sundays).  But after a good start they've reverted to showing the cut versions once again.  The episode containing Sophie Dix's topless scene (ep: 2.4 - Honourable Men) was the one on this week, but because it was a sanitised version the scene was cut short before the nudity occurred.

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