Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Showcase On: Director Jason Wilcox

Independent UK film director Jason Wilcox has recently put up trailers for 15 of his feature films on the video site Vimeo.

Jason specialises in producing low-budget dramatic thrillers with a psychological edge and a touch of gothic horror.  His films feature new acting talent from around the UK.

Many of the films contain a certain amount of female nudity some of which can be seen in the trailers.

If there is sufficient interest Jason hopes to make the full films available on the same or similar platform.

Here is a guide to his films with a Vimeo link at which the trailers can be viewed or downloaded.

All films written and directed by Jason Wilcox ...  

Invisible Friends (2009)
A teenager falls in love for the first time, whilst reading "Romeo and Juliet", and is eager to introduce her boyfriend to her best friend.  But she and he are shocked when they meet, as they have briefly met already whilst travelling the previous summer, and had been mutually attracted.  Should they kindle their relationship now, even though it would mean betraying the trust of their mutual friend?
Starring: Faye Harris, Stacey Fenton and Alexy Sharp

Divinities of Night (2010)
Julie is living in London, bored and tired with her everyday life.  She meets Mora and Lance... brother and sister.  They whisk her away for the weekend to a country retreat house... where she slowly begins to lose her mind, seeing them as vampires and in turn becoming one herself...
Starring: Claira Watson Parr, Sohaila Lindheim, Cradeaux Alexander and Richard Sanderson

A Drowning Heart (2010)
A young woman goes on holiday with her new boyfriend and is catapulted into a tangled web of deceit and betrayal when she discovers that his business meeting 'up in the mountains' may not be exactly what it seems.  A tale of desperate passion, secrets and lies.
Starring: Kelly Evans, Alice Ferngrove and Alexy Sharp

Drowning The Dead (2010)
A boy attempts to forget his late mother, with a new love interest. But years of abuse and repression soon surface and overpower him.
Starring: Pierce Starre, Nika Khitrova and Camilla Caney
(Filmed in 2008)

Teardrop (2010)
Two young females invite a stranger back to the villa where they are staying.  They both fall in love with him, and don't want him to leave, and their love makes them deadly rivals.  Meanwhile, he has a dark secret which he cannot reveal to them even though he knows he must.
Starring: Bryony Love, Tora Rebecca Rose and Alexy Sharp

The One and The Other (2011)
A young couple go away together for a short break, but the man acts strangely, telling her that the house is haunted and that she shouldn't go into a certain part of it.  She has visions of him and another young female whom she saw him with at a party, and soon the boundaries between reality and dreams begin to blur.
Starring: Portia Victoria, Sienna Murdoch and Matthew Ferdenzi

Shell-Shocked (2011)
(Filmed in 2007)
An investigative journalist has a crucial message which he intends to impart via the worldwideweb.  But he becomes distracted by an attractive stranger, who enters his life with programmed instructions to undermine his efforts...
Starring: Sheena Belham, Katalin Vig and Gregg Scurr

All The Way To The Dark (2012)
A young photographer who has been disturbed by her upbringing conducts a photoshoot with her ex-boyfriend Jake and Suzy, a female model, which quickly takes a turn for the worse and results in the past being dug up and the nightmare of her childhood being lived all over again.
Starring: Sophie-Anna Brough, Georgia Drake, Georgina Morton and Andy Joy

Apprehending Amy (2012)
Amy is a wealthy but mentally disturbed young woman, who invites a friend to stay with her at her family villa.  Unbeknownst to her, however, her friend and her boyfriend plan to rob her of her inheritance - until Amy gets wise to it and plots her own counter-scheme...
Starring: Charlotte Lewington, Hazel Scott-Somme and Alexy Sharp

Every Day is Summer (2012)
After a failed suicide attempt, a bereft young woman finds relief by tormenting a holiday-maker with boyfriend problems.
Starring: Coral Castagne, Iona Stewart-Richardson, Kate Barnaby and O.J. Watson

Alice In Hollywoodland (2013)
Inspired by Lewis Carroll, and transposed to a villa in the hills of "Hollywoodland", where stars audition for a leading role, and where the price for failure is deadly.  Will Alice's audition be successful?
Starring: Sophie Lonsdale-Ross, Jessica Ridge, Charlotte Roest-Ellis, Dmitry Arabuli and Alexy Sharp

Here Again (2013)
Two friends take a summer holiday by the sea.  All seems well until the boyfriend of one of them, who has drowned there a year earlier, appears to come back from the dead and does not recognise the other one.  When her friend no longer recognises her either, she is forced to consider that perhaps she is losing her mind...
Starring: Chess Mulgrew, Emily Cripps and Ashlin Harris

Return of The Ghost (2013)
A couple take a short break at a haunted house, only to find that it isn't just haunted by the dead...
Starring: Lily Newmark, Jade Houghton and Stevie Dow

Dark Sunlight (2014)
A young holidaymaker is invited back to a villa by someone she meets on the beach.  She is intrigued by her new friend, and even more by the man she is looking after, who seems to be allergic to the sunlight.  But she has little idea of what is in store for her.
Starring: Hayley Workman, Sophie Baker and Carlisle K. Pontikas

The Room in the Tower (2014)
Taking a break at a gothic tower with his girl-friend, a man is plagued by recurring dreams in which his long-lost sister returns to him and lures him into an alternative world.
Starring: Grace D'Arcy Craig, Billie Turnbull and Nicholas Fruin

Trailers for two earlier films, The Box and Dead Time are in the works and will be uploaded soon.

Jason's next film, Abandonment, has just finished shooting.

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