Sunday, 5 April 2015

Missing But Not Forgotten #5: The Last Musketeer (ITV/2000)

The Last Musketeer was an ITV drama from 2000 in which Robson Green played an ex-con turned competitive fencer who takes a job at a remote Scottish girls' boarding school teaching their fencing team in order to lie low from some London gangsters that are after him.  Playing the school headmistress was Arkie Whiteley and playing the schoolgirl captain of the fencing team was Holly Davidson who would later star in The Bill.

As originally broadcast it contained a sex scene and some nudity featuring Arkie Whitely.

This one-off drama was shown on the Drama Channel on Friday 3rd April 2015.  Unfortunately since it was shown at 10:20am it was inevitably cut.  The editing was done well enough though and if you didn't know better you probably wouldn't have realised it had been tampered with.

The first scene cut was a sex scene in a London hotel room after Elizabeth Fraser (Arkie Whiteley) has offered Steve McTear (Robson Green) the coaching job which he initially turns down but they feel highly attracted to each other and she takes him to her hotel room to have sex.  Only really her bare back is seen here although the depiction of their activities is post-watershed graphic.  In the edited version the scene jumps in at the point where she is getting dressed after they have finished, therefore only implying that they have slept together.

The full topless scene occurs sometime later in her bedroom at the school as they take up where they left off when he has accepted the job offer after his situation changes.  This scene was missing altogether.

In this collage the middle image in the top row depicts the most revealing moment of the first scene and the rest show the other scene.

Arkie Whiteley in The Last Musketeer

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