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Killing Bono (2011) ID Emendation

Q: Why haven't I added a site entry for that Joni Kamen scene in "Killing Bono"?

A: Mainly because I'm pretty sure it's not her. The clip in question, which involves a topless girl having sex on a bed astride Neil McCormick (Ben Barnes), was identified from the outset as being Joni Kamen by various websites and probably still is (I just checked the public pages of the Mr Skin site and that still attributes the scene to Joni Kamen). There seems to be no basis for making this ID as being her that I can replicate, and it therefore appears to be little more than a hopeful guess.

It's unfortunate that the film's end credits are shown in a particularly unhelpful way. The cast are presented in alphabetical order meaning the main stars are merged in with small bit parts with no differentiation. This means nothing can be inferred from a credit's position or prominence. All the credited parts are given character names yet some of these names are never mentioned in the dialogue. The name of the girl in the sex scene is one of those not mentioned.

Just prior to the sex scene Neil and his brother Ivan McCormick (Robert Sheehan) are in a dance club where they meet and go off in separate pairings with two girls they meet. Robert Sheehan talks to a girl in a blue dress with straight hair, and Ben Barnes dances with a girl in a red dress with permed hair. It is Ben Barnes and the red dress girl who end up in the sex scene that immediately follows. So the Joni Kamen ID completely falls apart here because it is clear from publicity photos of her that she is the girl in the blue dress with Ivan and not the girl in the red dress. And so the girl in the red dress who ends up in the sex scene with Neil must inevitably be someone else.

In case there's any lingering doubt here is a "map" of the two girls as they progress through the scene.

Joni Kamen is given a character name in the credits ("Joss") yet she doesn't speak and has a next-to-nothing role. You'd think therefore that the sex scene girl, who has a similar level of role, and was Joni Kamen's friend in the club, would also be credited and given an unused character name.

After carefully going through the whole film and noting down which female characters' names are used in the dialogue, I am left with only two possibilities: - Joni Kamen as "Joss", and Lisa McAllister as "Erika". Neither of these names are used anywhere in the film. Since I know the girl is not Joni Kamen I am left with the name of Lisa McAllister.

But Lisa McAllister is an established actress who has high-profile roles in some other earlier films and so I wouldn't really have expected her to be in a small topless bit-part. However there are no big roles in the film that could be her that I didn't account for.  Elsewhere in the film there are a pair of non-speaking dressed massage girls one of whom might be Lisa McAllister - but this would have been an even smaller role for her - and why credit one massage girl and not the other and even give her a character name that's not used in the dialogue? That being said one of the massage girls does have a skin blemish on her upper left arm similarly placed to one seen on Lisa McAllister in a 2005 film. So this cameo could be where she makes her appearance. And if so that would account for her credit.

Note similar arm blemish

If that's the case then it can only mean the sex scene girl was uncredited. Even though her friend, who did less in the film (Joni Kamen), was credited.

Following that line I have found some other credits on casting websites for uncredited parts in "Killing Bono".  How possible any of these names are I cannot say.
  • Female Fan: Carla Bryson
  • Hot teenage girl: April McGrory
  • Party girl: Emma Reid
Briefly back to Lisa McAllister. If she is not the massage girl and that skin blemish is a coincidental red herring, then it must be said there is a degree of resemblance between her and the sex scene girl. Unfortunately the girl's face is only really seen from a low angle. But I found a moment in "The Number One Girl" when Lisa McAllister is pulling a similar facial expression for comparison purposes.

It might have been hoped that a DVD release would have had deleted scenes or a commentary track that might explain why there were at least two credited actresses given character names who had little more than non-speaking bit parts. Perhaps they filmed for bigger roles that were cut in the final edit. Unfortunately the DVD has no extras.
So in conclusion, I know that the purported ID is incorrect, however I cannot say with any certainty who she actually is.

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