Monday, 16 September 2013

Some Recent Discoveries

ITEM: You may have thought that former "Spooks" and "Vexed" actress Miranda Raison had never done any nudity.  But I have recently been informed about the discovery of an early topless appearance she made in a Dutch TVM from 1999 called "Suzy Q" starring Carice van Houten (who now appears in Game of Thrones), Miranda Raison plays Marianne Faithfull and there is a scene in which she is seen topless from the side with the full side of her left breast seen while standing in a shower talking to Suzy.

ITEM: Amanda Hale (most recently seen in "The White Queen") has a rear nude scene in a recent UK short called "Scrubber" (2012) directed by actress Romola Garai.  In the scene Amanda Hale is seen in a full length shot standing in a bath under a running shower, without moving as she contemplates matters.  To be fair her face is mostly turned away and only the side edge is seen as she looks to her side, but from what can be seen it appears to be her doing it and there is no strong reason to suspect otherwise.

This short can be found on the DVD "The Joy of Six" which is a collection of six recent British shorts, although none of the others contain any nudity.

ITEM: You may also be interested to know that British actress Amber Rose Revah, who has just been seen starring in the BBC1 crime whodunit "What Remains", had a topless scene in series 1 of French TV's "Borgia" series.  Not the American Showtime series "The Borgias" starring Jeremy Irons, this is instead French TV's take on the same set of characters.
Descriptions of these scenes will eventually make it to the main site.


Now available - collages from these three items.

Suzy Q



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  1. Hi, hunted down Suzy Q, and eventually found a stream on some Dutch site. I can post the link if you want. It's fairly low quality and you can't see any nipple. But it's the most of Miranda we've seen so can't complain I suppose!