Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Unknown Drama #1

To start things off here is a query that needs solving.

The source is a short clip that was posted on an internet forum.  One of many posted by a diligent enthusiast who kept clips on tape in the early 1980s and retained them to the current day.

Unfortunately a record of the actresses' names and the programmes they come from were not kept and a number of clips remain mysteries.  Some have been identified using reference sources by means of character names and/or by recognising other actors in the clip.

Here is one that remains unsolved. 

A 13 second clip. It is a British drama, probably from the early 80s and seems to be about spies or espionage.  A woman is in a bath and a man who has probably come in uninvited, is sitting in the room talking to her.

(Dialogue heard)
Man: (clip starts midway in sentence)  ... Edmond(?) is going to expose the whole thing.  I impersonated him in London, it is Bernard who has been doing the forging, he wants to ... (clip ends).

As the man is talking he looks out of the window and another man is seen looking up as if he is keeping surveillance on them.

The character names mentioned have not helped pinpoint it.
So if anyone recognises the woman or either of the two actors that might provide the vital lead that will solve this one.

The Woman

The Man

The Man Outside

UPDATE - May 2014
Added full collage of the scene ...

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